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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Beauty Ritual Sale - Natural Hair & Body Products

Healthy Scalp Pomade
Nourishing Hair Milk
Organic Hair Souffle (unscented)
Botanical Hair Gel
Body Elixirs
Whipped Hair and Body Butter
Hydrating Hair Mist
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Did I Cut My Locs after 5 years?

Hello Radiant Ones,
Many times I get the question, "Why did you cut your locs?"
The short answer is, I wanted a change. Another reason was I wanted to experience my own products on my loose natural hair.  I loved growing my locs, caring for them, getting them styled, cut and colored. I was a fairly easy style for me. About every two weeks I did my full Indigofera Hair Care Ritual and Loc Maintenance. My scalp was healthy and my locs just kept growing.
I wore so many creative styles being in the natural hair business. During this time, I attended many Natural Hair Shows and expos. I had great relationships with many natural stylists and I would barter for my sought after products so I loved trying new things. I wore creative updos, bob cuts, and fabulous color.
My locs did not define me a a woman. It was a style choice for me. Who knows would I loc my hair again? Maybe one day. :) The great think is I know what it takes to grow an cultivate beautiful, healthy long locs. I continue to share this wisdom with my clients and create amazing real plant based hair care I can be proud of.
Have a look at my photos of my locs and natural styles of the years.

After My Second Big Chop


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Achieve More Happiness, Peace and Freedom ~ Inspiration for Black Women Series

Hello Radiant Ones,

        I started a new series on my Grown and Natural YouTube Channel called the Radiant Living Life Series. If you haven't read my story yet, check it out here. This video is Part 1 of the series and I share practical tips and wisdom to move you closer to a Radiant Life.

 If you feel inspired by the video be sure to subscribe and post a comment. It is time to talk about real life issues and more importantly create synergy from our strengths and desire for more.

Thank you for watching.

Be Radiantly Beautiful,

African American Natural Hair Care Tips ~ Part III

Chanelle’s Natural Hair Care Tips for every Radiant Beauty


         Select your Daily Moisture Ritual for your curl pattern &style

*      Deep Conditioners are essential for natural hair to maximize moisture for your coily/Kinky hair

*       Take a hair, skin, nail supplement daily, try

*      Nourish Daily with  Nourishing Hair Milk, Organic Hair Souffle  or Whipped Butter

*       Remember sleep on satin pillowcases, try Neero & Ana

*       Alternate Shampooing with Co washes using Indigofera Botanical Conditioning crème

*        Healthy Scalp Pomade is excellent for delivering nutrients new growth  ( coily-kinky)

*      Scalp massage 3 X week before bed

*      For max growth Wear protective styles a min of 3 days per week

*       Visit a salon with a steamer or invest in one for home use

*       Avoid Heat Styling/ Try Indigofera Sophisticate Twists & See Tutorial Video
If your hair is unhealthy, dry, damaged, thinning, breaking, or you experience dry scalp we suggest you suggest a Indigofera Hair Care Consultation we are also happy to help if you are going natural or need natural hair styling tips
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