Monday, February 7, 2011

Are You Irresistible? ~ Chanelle's Morning Beauty Vlog #3


      I hope your weekend was as exciting as mine. On Saturday I was in my hometown for a special event. I will tell you all about it in the vlog. If you love Indigofera hair care products, just imagine what my exclusive body care and signature scents are like. I get so many testimonials. Like the "men just can't keep their noses away from me!" I am so inspired by the feedback I will be introducing more Indigofera body care sets, lush foot care, and a sexy lip gloss later this summer! Beautiful hair, soft touchable skin, flawless makeup an alluring fragrance, self love and confidence. My loves I have to do my part to ensure you stay irresistible.

Enjoy the Vlog and post your comments
Be Radiantly Beautiful,

Indigofera Emerald Circle Collection Testimonial

"LOVE LOVE the Savannah Signature Scent! Everybody commented on how good I smelled! I'm gonna wear this until I meet Prince Charming...Thanks again!!!"

Sandra W. , Mississippi

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