Monday, October 24, 2011

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Our Story Indigofera began in Atlanta, GA in 2000. In the beginning, Indigofera offered treasures for the body, mind, and soul; handcrafted natural body care, soy candles, gemstone jewelry, and eclectic gifts. The purpose was to inspire creativity, self-care, and reflect aesthetics from across the globe.Today, Indigofera has blossomed into an ultimate Beauty, Wellness & Lifestyle brand. Plant-based products, premium service, and tranquil experiences define the most important part of our identity. The Indigofera Plant Based Hair & Skin Solution provides the you with a vital multi-sensory experience ...soothing, peaceful, and transformative.


"Indigofera grew out of the desire to create premium plant-based beauty solutions that meet the needs of my clients by utilizing the benefits of the earth’s gifts." For nearly a decade, the impact of Chanelle’s dedication reaches people across the globe to “Be Radiantly Beautiful.” Her vision empowers us to manifest our beauty, reach higher, and live an abundant life. Indigofera’s philosophy embodies our commitment to give our clients only nature’s best, while exceeding their expectations, and sharing information to help them look and feel their best. Indigofera aspires to lead the Beauty & Wellness industry by remaining true to its humble beginnings of holistic beauty, integrity, and innovation.


Plant Based Beauty Solutions™ for healthy hair and skin:

Better Formulas

Certified Organic Ingredients

No PetroChemicals

Paraben Free

Nourishing Botanicals

Potent Antioxidants

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