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Natural Hair Tips, Dry Scalp Treatment that really works

Learn how to finally be free of dry scalp, dandruff and flakes. Watch my video and get the natural recipe for Chanelle's Therapeutic Scalp Treatment. All you need is Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Essential Oils, and Olive Olive.  It works!

 Recently I have been receiving more and more inquiries concering scalp problems, dandruff and embarrassing flakes. I have overcome this problem myself, so I am happy to offer you some hope. A healthy scalp is the very foundation of healthy hair. I have served hundreds of clients with all hair types. You can achieve optimal hair moisture enjoy beautiful natural styles. Unfortunately many brands are not committed to formulating natural hair products with premium plant based ingredients. Or to save money other companies use traces of "Shea Butter, Coconut or Olive" for the sake of the label and profits. Inferior ingredients yield inferior results (dry scalp, dandruff and lifeless hair.) My products for truely the gold standard in plant based beauty. My client testimonials rave about real result an exceptional quality.

"The hair care ritual set is the best product I have used on my hair. It is ALL NATURAL. That was the most important thing. It smells SO GOOD. When I take to the salon, people ask what I am using on my hair. I love it. It keeps my hair soft. I HAVE NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THE PROUCTS. If anyone out there is thinking about buying the RITUAL SET, DO IT!!!! You will not be disappointed!"
~Samantha, South Carolina

Here are my expert natural hair care tips for your specific challenges:

Problem – Dry ScalpPlant Based Solution- Always Cleanse with a SLS/Detergent Free Hair Cleanser, Conditioner Washes will also help alleviate dry scalp

Indigofera's Aromatic Hair Cleanser
Deliver Essential Nutrients to the scalp with petroleum and mineral oil free formulas


*Prepares scalp and hair for Indigofera Hair Care Ritual

* Gently Cleanses without stripping and replenishes the Hair
* Infuses scalp with Premium plant-based emollients (Indigofera Moisture Cleanse Blend TM)
* Herbal Infusion of rosemary, sage, nettle promote hair growth and follicle health

Plant Based Solution for Dry Scalp- Deliver Essential Nutrients to the scalp with petroleum and mineral oil free formulas

Get over the grease! Elevate your hair care ritual
Indigofera’s Botanical Hairdress

Botanical Hairdress is a decadent blend of moisture rich oils and exotic butters, the results are soothed and nourished the scalp. Absorbs perfectly! Formulated with light reflecting minerals for radiant shine.

Infused with Lemongrass Essential Oil
* Maintains scalp moisture level
* Enhances natural luster to hair
* Distributes multi-layered plant-based nutrients
* Leaves hair with radiant shine

How to use:
After your hair is cleansed, restored and nourished, apply a thin layer of Botanical Hairdress to your scalp. Massage into scalp for 60 secs. For noticeable dry scalp and flaking apply generously after cleansing and every 2-3 days to affected areas.

“I don’t want anything too heavy or greasy.”

Indigofera’s Botanical Hairdress is the perfect blend of plant based decadence. It is effective without being greasy. We never use mineral oil, only the highest quality nourishing oils and healing butters like olive, sweet almond, avocado, karite and jojoba.

Client Testimonial

“This product smells amazing and it's light.”

Synergize your scalp care ritual with……

Nourishing Hair Serum multipurpose finishing oil, scalp care and repair treatment
Infused with Lemongrass Essential Oil

How to use: ( For loose natural hair or locs) Prior styling hair rub a nickel to quarter size amount into palms and apply to scalp and hair. (For Straight Styles) Rub a pea size amount between palms and glide through the hair prior the thermal styling or after roller sets. Use as a finishing oil or a lighter scalp care. For more intensive scalp care alternate with Botanical Hairdress throughout the week.

• Intensive Treatment Cocktail Apply a small amount mixed with (Botanical Conditioning Cream or Organic Hair Souffle) to clean damp hair. Cover with a heat cap for 25 minutes. Rinse well and style as desired.

Indigofera Beauty Solution
Finally be free from dry scalp, flaking, and lifeless hair. My approach to hair care is not to change it, but to make YOUR hair and scalp as healthy possible. In my book Reflections of Radiant Beauty ~ Real Beauty from the Inside Out, I explore how to love your hair and reclaim your standard of beauty. I also share my story about launching Indigofera, with chapters on Plant Based Beauty Solutions, Aromatherapy, Wellness, Skincare, Haircare, Make-up & Beauty Rituals. Download it now for fast delivery to your inbox

Benefits of the Indigofera Hair Care Ritual

* Noticeable softness, manageability and shine from first use

* Delivers essential nutrients
* Imparts brilliant shine without weight

* Formulated with certified organic ingredients

Infused with aromatic botanicals, herbs, & 100% essential oils

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Indigofera Plant Based Beauty Solutions are ALWAYS petroleum and paraben free!

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