Thursday, August 16, 2012

Transitioning: Ask the Experts Part I ~ Natural Hair Tips

The Indigofera Grown and Natural Seminar Series

Hello Radiant Ones!

 Ranada and I created a very informative seminar. If you who want pro tips on how to transtition from a relazer and growing healthy longer natural hair. Click the video watch and listen. The natural hair seminar is 60 minutes in the full version. I will be sharing part two in a later post. To get access sooner, be sure you are active on the Indigofera Inner Circle list.
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What is Transitioning

Why some people Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Chanelle and Ranada’s Transitioning Story

Common Methods for Transitioning Gradually without the Big Chop

Pro Tips You Should know about Hair Extensions and Weaves

How to make Wigs a healthy transition option

Recommendations on Trimming Natural Hair

How to find a great natural stylist

Where to find the best natural hair care information and products online

Get part II for the full 60 Minute Seminar

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