Thursday, April 1, 2010

Natural Hair Stylists - 5 Ways to Find the Right One For You

Natural Hair Stylists - 5 Ways to Find the Right One For You
By Chanelle Washington

Going Natural can be a liberating experience for many women. Partnering with a professional who provides signature services, plant based beauty solutions and exceptional client care can make all difference.

1. Make a list of you top three criteria
Think about what you value most. Is it skill and talent, atmosphere, availability, distance or price? Be honest with your self this will help you to focus on what really matters.

2. Ask for referral from people who are radiate beauty from the inside out
Word of mouth is a great way to find the best kept secret in town. Next time you see a sister on the subway or on the elevator with mahogany two strand twist or cultivated locks in a sleek bun don't be shy, just ask. If she is happy with the level of service she will be more than happy to share her stylist with you.

3. Don't compromise on exceptional client care
Unfortunately many salons earn a bad reputation for substandard service. Even if it takes a while, don't settle for less than the best. Telephone etiquette, respect for your time, knowledge and education are all key to the overall client care experience.

4. Ask to schedule a consultation to see if you have found a mutual fit
Be open and honest with your natural hair stylist or locktician. This is the perfect time to discuss your expectations, requests or special needs. Remember to be respectful the stylist and what the expertise that have to offer. Be prepared to compensate the natural stylist for their time. Some salons offer the service without a fee; in this case it is good etiquette to patronize the business by shopping for natural hair care products, or beauty services like brow waxing or manicures.

5. Be sure the stylist is committed to premium plant based beauty solutions
As a natural hair specialist and beauty expert, I teach others the importance of providing plant based beauty solutions to maintain hair that is moisturized, nourished and replenished. Read product labels, research the philosophy of the brand used by your potential natural hair stylist. Look for ingredients like aloe,coconut and avocodo in the first five ingredients listed on a products. Plant based ingredients benefit the hair leaving it radiantly beautiful. Join the Indigofera Inner Circle for free beauty guides and exclusive offers.

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