Monday, November 1, 2010

There's No Secret to Beauty Business Success.....


The Business of Plant Based Natural Beauty

Indigofera’s Business of Plant Based Natural Beauty course brings innovative business owners to the forefront of the competition. Our course is designed specifically for salon and spa owners that want to expand their service selections, offer the unique benefits of being a natural salon, and grow their customer base. We encourage current and prospective owners to read on and find out how our Business of Plant Based Natural Beauty course can redefine their beauty business.

An Inspired Experience

Indigofera-inspired salons and spas not only offer premier plant based beauty products, they provide their customers with a natural beauty experience incomparable to any traditional beauty treatment they have ever received. In addition to presenting our exceptional plant-based products, our course departs knowledge of proven beauty philosophies that attract new clients and nurture repeat business from current customers.

Nurture Your Business to Grow Clients

At Indigofera, we recognize that beauty processes can’t stand alone. The salon and spa experience is more than a collection of beauty procedures – it’s the sum of excellent technique, caring beauty technicians, and a welcoming ambiance. Our course teaches key elements to creating a comfortable business environment in which both your clients and employees can thrive.

pictured Dbrows ~ Washington D. C.

There’s No Secret to Beauty Business Success…

Not anymore. Chanelle Washington, founder and CEO of Indigofera, has built a sought-after brand, and wants to share her secrets for success with driven beauty business owners everywhere. Like every savvy business maven, Chanelle wasn’t an overnight success. With hard work, determination, and an M.B.A., she has arrived and is here to stay. Chanelle helps other business owners avoid pitfalls and enjoy a smoother route to success. Her course covers every topic:


Building your Brand

Do it with Excellence

The Client Connection

Marketing and Merchandising

Achieving Goals Fast

Think like an M.B.A.

Be a Sales Superstar

In addition to receiving great advice from a business veteran, our students will be recognized as authorized retailers of Indigofera’s all natural products upon completion of the course.

Take Half a Day to Kick-Start Your Business

Our Business of Plant Based Natural Beauty course can be completed in as little as ½ a day in a live class. It’s a small time investment that yields huge returns. Click here To register

Looking for the Indigofera Beauty Specialist Certification?

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