Friday, January 21, 2011

Upclose and personal Chanelle's Morning Beauty Vlog


How you ever felt the need to connect more? Social Media is great. We all love updating our status, posting pics and sharing our comments with our friends, family and network. All good things in excess can become bad. I realized I was missing the personal connection of people.

This weekend I had some much needed time with Sisterfriends in NYC. We laughed, danced, cried and celebrated life. I have decided to be more purposeful in spending time face to face with people who energize, inspire and love me.

Right now I am uploading a video on my personal Facebook profile. I am more transparent share my thoughts on self care, beauty and life. Join my on the Indigofera
Beauty Facebook Fan page for weekly videos. Indigofera Emerald Circle Members will get my full series of Beauty Vlog, Step by Step Tutorials and Exclusive Collection of Body, Skin and Fragrance.

Thank you all so much for being part of my life! I am coming to you upclose and personal in 2011 as we reach higher and life authentically.

Post your comments below and tell me how you are staying connected.

Be Radiantly Beautiful,

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