Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lessons on Inspiration: How to stay motivated when you want to quit

Hello! Radiant Ones. We are midway through January of a brand new year. Remember how excited you were on January 1st about your goals, resolution and commitments? Perhaps your flame is still burning bright, or maybe you are starting to slip back into business as usual. I came across 16 Ways to keep you motivated when you feel yourself slipping.

 My favorite thing on the list, was to Goggle success stories about others who have achieved the same goal. Knowing that someone else has been where you are and made it despite difficulties is liberating. I have always been inspired by Lisa Price, natural cosmetics entrepreneur and founder’s of Carol’s Daughter. Her story still makes me smile!


  1. Thanks for pointing out the LinkWithin widget. It looks like something I'd like to try!



  2. Sure! Laura I was delighted to find it when I was refreshing my blog.


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