Sunday, January 15, 2012

Discovering Your Authenticity

Hello Radiant Ones!

It's been a little while since our last virtual encounter ;) Is your January as exciting as mine? I hope so. We all love new beginnings, renewal and a chance to improve our lives.

So far I have hosted a our first Inspirational Monday Telechat, recorded my first cd Discovering Your Authenticity and put together a brand new Illumination Guide to help you fully embrace light filled living with, purpose and joy. Sounds phenomenal right?

If your have been part of the Indigofera Inner Circle for a while, you know how much your feedback, ideas and suggestion matter to me. Please take 10 minutes and tell me a little more about you.

As a special thank you for your loyalty I will give you access to the MP3 download of Discovering Your Authenticity

(a 9.99 Value) for taking the survey.

Stay close I will check in again soon and tell you WHAT's NEW for the Emerald Circle Membership Benefits.......

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