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Black Beauty Business ~ The Legacy

Black Beauty Business ~ The Legacy

Etsy Artist of Color Collective Blog Series

Black History Month is a time to reflect, learn and preserve the legacies of African Americans who have made significant contributions to culture, technology, science, art, humanities, education and technology.

One of the reasons we celebrate is, people of color have endured a brutal oppression physically, psychologically for centuries in the United States and the diaspora. It was a crime for enslaved Africans to read or write. Despite this tragedy, we still demonstrated compassion, a pursuit for knowledge and undying human spirit.

Black Beauty Business Pioneers

S.B. Fuller

“He preached economic independence and he lived it.”

“S. B. Fuller was well known for his assistance to other blacks. He opened the doors for many budding entrepreneurs, assisting them in finding capital and giving them invaluable advice and counseling.”

In about 2006, I got my hands on the biography of Mr. S.B. Fuller. His story was so inspiring I opened the doors of my business the Indigofera Natural Hair and Skin Studio only 1 year later. His not only succeeded against all odds, he empowered a generation of business leaders including Mr. Joe Dudley Sr. and Mr.Joe Knight two of my present day mentors

Joe Dudley Sr.

“To me Dudley is a mission for its people. When I was born, 14 of us lived in a shack. I promised God that if he helped me make it, I would spend my life helping other people --not just my family but people in general. We must make a contribution in the world. My people, African Americans, need more help than many others.”  Read More

His passion is magnetic and his heart is real. I recently shared my story of how I encountered Mr. Joe Dudley founder of Dudley Cosmetics and Dudley University. He planted seed in my spirit that will be with me always. Watch this man of vision.

Lisa Price

Many of you know the household name “Carol’s Daughter” and shop her brand at Sephora, Macy’s and HSN. Back in 1998, I bought a Peppermint Body Wash and Jamaican Punch Body Spray in Brooklyn at the “African Street Festival” when Carol’s Daughter was still considered a local indie brand. The products were handmande and smelled delicious.  Lisa Price has expanded her empire and inspired a who new generation of “natural hair and body product” brands. She really has paved the way for myself and others in this business. I feel honored when people say, “You are the next Carol’s Daughter!”

Read More about the business savvy of this millon dollar maven

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