Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can beauty, help you Beat the Blues?

Got the blues? From time to time we all feel a little down maybe even outright depressed. After all, life can send you on an emotional roller coaster. Heartaches, disappointments and obstacles can get the best of us sometimes. The blues are bound to set in at some point in our lives. Now the question is how do we shake it off, and get back to living?

I asked myself, can beauty help you beat the blues? Let’s think about it. I have been known to preach, “beauty from the inside out.” But what about the other way around. Can a fresh do and new lip gloss put a pep in your step? I would say, it is worth a try. When we feel down, we can begin to neglect our beauty routines, skip salon appointments, let those brows get bushy and not to mention the past due pedicure.

Ladies, if you can’t muster up the strength for a full beauty makeover. Just take baby steps. Here are six ways to beat the blues with beauty rituals. Try them and get your swag back!

1. Pump up the tunes and take a shower, with bursts of cool water. Exfoliate with your favorite body scrub for a spa like softness in minutes.

2. Cleanse your hair with a shampoo that will speak to your senses. Indigofera’s Aromatic Hair Cleanser is infused with essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, lemon, lime and orange. Next, moisturize those tresses. Pull your hair up in a cute updo and clip in a fab accessory. Instant glam!

3. Put a herbal tea bag in a pretty ceramic bowl and soak your fingertips. Do a quick file shaping and paint them shade that says “I am All Woman.” I like "Pinking up the Pieces by Essie.

4. If nothing else, get those brows back in shape. You should be able to book a same day spa session for a brow wax and feel like a queen without breaking the bank. Just being in a tranquil atmosphere where all the focus in on you will lift your spirits.

5. Boost your confidence with a diy tooth whitener press your toothbrush in natural baking soda (right on top of your toothpaste) Line your lips and apply a sexy new shade of lipgloss. Did you forget that you were fine?

6. Glow Girl! Pull out that bronzer and highlight those lovely cheekbones, it will remind you to smile.

Be Radiantly Beautiful,


Indigofera, Beauty Expert

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  1. Yes, beauty can help you beat the blues! Especially when your heart and mind is in the right place and you're striving to uplift yourself from within. I love the tips you include. Great post!


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