Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet the Indigofera Beauty Specialists

Our Beauty Philosophy: Committed to transformational beauty and wellness experiences delivered with Knowledge and Integrity

Indigofera is committed to providing natural beauty products and consulting services that go above and beyond our clients’ highest expectations. We are dedicated to educating our clients and beauty specialists about innovative and natural beauty practices. The Indigofera experience is designed to transform the client’s body, mind, and soul by engaging all of the senses in a peaceful, soothing, and revitalizing environment.

Charisse Tucker, Philadelphia, PA

Nethia Heyward, Queens, NY

Mari Thomas, Philadelphia, PA

Ranada Edwards, Philadelphia, PA

Krystin Tunnell, Philadelphia, PA

                                                                              Sonya Boone, Trenton, NJ


                                              Watch the video to learn more  the benefits of becoming Certified.


    Click here to contact a Certified Indigofera Beauty Specialist in your area and learn more about what we offer.

Questions? 1.800.308.1182

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