Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You'll Love it or We'll Buy it Back. Period.

You'll Love it or We'll Buy it Back. Period.

       Have you ever made a purchase, and for whatever reason needed to return it? Or have you made a suggestion to a company that was just shrugged off? Well, I know the feeling. I am very selective about how and with whom I spend my hard earned money. One of my college gigs was working in retail at Macy's.  I learned some valuble lessons there about customer service and I actually put them into practice. It made me feel good to do the right thing and honor my customers.

      Since I launched my own business, I have always been enthusiastic about exceeding my clients expectation. Now believe me, I am not perfect and sometimes I miss the mark and drop the ball. BUT! I always do what is in my power to make it right. Over 98% of clients who shop with Indigofera online and at events absolutely RAVE over how our hair care product make their hair feel. The quality of the pure aromas can be quite soul altering :) We are proud of that. I also go the extra mile to sign my name one each order as a way of staying connected and showing my heartfelt thanks.

     I am working hard to speed of the shipping process,ensure accuracy of each order and maintain the special touches that let you know your have chosen "The Gift of Radiant Beauty."

     So  if you have any feedback on how we can serve you better, please call and leave a message at 800.308.1182. I will personally return your call and honor my promise. If you love Indigofera post a comment below, share it on the Facebook wall or Tweet about your experience @iloveindigofera #Indigofera!

You all keep me inspired,

Founder & CEO


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