Friday, June 17, 2011

3 Things I Know For Sure

Lately the number of natural hair products, natural hair blog and natural hair events have skyrocketed. How do you know what products to use and graduate from being a “product junkie?” Are you looking for more than just celebrity-endorsed products ? Would you benefit from a network that adds value to your life? Do you feel you deserve something more refined, more personal attention? You are not alone! Here are 3 things I know for sure:

1. Indigofera is a boutique brand. We are exceptional plain and simple. I am not saying this to boast, but sometimes you have to tell it like it is. What makes us exceptional is our commitment to premium plant based ingredients. As woman owned indie brand ( still a best keep secret) we set the gold standard in quality, integrity and effectiveness. Not many can claim 100% Essential oil infused in a hair care line and a 100% Money Back Promise.

2. Real human connections are a dwindling phenomenon. In the age of social media mania, there is real value in the personalized service and memorable experiences. Indigofera thrives on this type of interaction. Maybe it is my Philly roots. “I’ve just know people are valuable. I educate Indigofera Beauty Specialist to create multisensory experiences and be client centered. We attract beauty professionals that aspire to this living philosophy.” Indigofera’s Beauty Bar and Tea Socials TM bring our brand experience to life and you transformed.

 3. Beauty is common but Radiant Beauty, now that another dimension. It goes deeper than lip gloss and a fabulous do. My Indigofera Beauty Specialists and I strive for wholeness, authenticity and light filled living. Want to learn more? Get your complimentary copy of Reflections of Radiant Beauty Real Beauty From the Inside Out when you join Indigofera as an Emerald Circle Member. “Like” Indigofera Beauty on Face book for updates and my Morning Beauty Vlogs.

Be Radiantly Beautiful


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