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Reflections of Radiant Beauty ~ Inspiration, Beauty, Wellness, Skin, Hair, Makeup, Spa Rituals

Reflections of Radiant Beauty ~ Inspiration, Beauty, Wellness, Skin, Hair, Makeup, Spa Rituals

( Book Exerpt Below)

Every Indigofera Emerald Circle Member, gets a free copy of my beauty book. My favorite chapters are on wellness and beauty rituals. You get access to view it online as a e-book. Currently it is on my site for $3.99.

If you have already read it, send me your feedback or questions. I am revising it for a print version. This week I have a announcement to share with you so stay close.

Thank you so much!
Be Radiantly Beautiful,

Book Exerpt  Reflections of Radiant Beauty

Make up Essentials

Your age, ethnic background, way of life and so many other factors can affect our relationship with makeup. These factors can determine how often we use it and why. Some women wouldn't set foot outside their door without a fully made-up face, while others are totally comfortable

with just a hint of tinted lip balm. It really doesn't matter where you fit in the equation, just do what's comfortable for you. What's more important is that you understand makeup basics and application, including the tools you'll need. Your understanding of makeup will keep you looking your most radiantly beautiful.

As a beauty expert, I have access to every tool and beauty product in the industry. As a real life woman I strip down to the essentials! This is what you‟ll find in my makeup bag:

Makeup Bag Basics

A stylish but functional makeup case

Cleansing Wipes


Lash Curlers

Wedge sponges

Cotton balls or swabs

Nail file


The Mobile Makeup Bag

A compact mirror

Blotting paper

Lip balm or lip gloss

Favorite Lip Liner

Fragrant Hand Crème


These are your "essential" items, the beauty basics that will maintain your look throughout the day and evening. When applied correctly your foundation and eye shadow should have staying power. When you leave your house or the office, a quick visit to the ladies lounge to touch up your lips and blot away any excess shine is all you need to keep that flawless face.

Now I am going to share "the basics" of your makeup kit to help you create simple to glamorous looks.

Brush Types

Large Shading Brush for all over lip application of eye shadow

Eye Detailing Brush for detail lid blending of eye shadow

Tapered Blending Brush for contouring the crease

Small Angle Brush for eye lining and filling in brows

Lash Brush for separating lashes and grooming brows

Blush Brush for applying power blush

Large Powder Brush for applying loose or pressed powder

Lip Brush for applying lipstick or lip gloss

It may take time to acquire the basics of a good kit. Take your time and don't break the bank. Do your research to find the industries best brushes at a price you can afford. Keep in mind that brushes are a long term investment. You can use a well maintained set for years to come.

Now, let's look at some facial products that are critical in creating and maintaining a look that stands above and beyond all the rest.

For your Face

There are some "must haves" when it comes to prepping the face for makeup. They include: Cleanser, facial polish, toner, plant-based moisturizer, and eye crème. Each of these items serves an essential function in maintaining a healthy and vibrant-looking "palette" to which you can apply your cosmetics.

- Face Products

- Concealer

- Foundation

- Bronzer

- Highlight Powder

- Contouring Powder

- Setting Powder

- Blush

Create Amazing Eyes

"The eyes are the mirrors to the soul". Sure it's a cliché, but the old adage is as true today as it ever was. The eyes are, very often, the first thing people notice when they encounter you. Once you learn basic application for your eye shape and have the right brushes in your kit, you can wear whatever color suits your mood. Here is how I make my eyes "pop." Remember, even a soft look can "pop." After you clear your canvas, select the inspiration for your look. How do you feel? Tranquil, excited, sultry? My mood, the time of day and occasion dictates how soft or dramatic my look will be. Take into consideration the balance between soft and dramatic—when to go for drama and when to go soft. Did you just buy a new shade of lipstick? If the lipstick is a matte berry, you want a light neutral eye. Or maybe you want to wear a soft mocha lip pencil with a hint of shimmery gloss. In the daytime you could balance that gorgeous neutral lip with a deep olive smoky eye. The combinations are endless, it all depends on you. Don't feel restricted to certain colors or outdated rules. What matters most is that the makeup is carefully applied, well blended and that you wear it with confidence.

Eye Goodies

Shadow Primer

Shadows Cream and Powder

Eyeliner Pencils

Brow Powder/Gels


Once I select one or two primary shadows for my look I apply the first color on the lid. I typically wear a neutral base as a primer in a soft brown. If I want a more dramatic look with a shade of olive, green, plum or bright blue, I use a cream shadow or colored based similar to the shade of my power shadow. When you try this, the results are amazing! Next, I apply a second darker color in my crease or a neutral transition color making sure to blend out any harsh lines. Select an eye shadow brush for blending that is right for your eye shape and size. If it is too large, you will carry the color out too far. Finally sweep a highlight color under the brow bone and blend it into the middle shade. Finish the look with brown or black eyeliner and a few coats mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

 Tip: Curl your lashes to accentuate your lashes and exude your femininity.
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