Thursday, February 21, 2013

Black Love and Relationships: Never Touch a Black Woman’s Hair

For Decades Black Men have been asking, why can’t I touch my woman’s hair? I can give you a thousand
reasons but the number one reason is Care. Do you know how much energy, effort, money, and time
it takes to do our hair and maintain its beauty? Hair can be beautiful while still being sensitive and
personal. She could be self conscious and/or cautious about the condition of her hair. It could be too
tight, or too perfect, or cost her too much money to get done, or damaged or all of the above.

So Men, Just because she has reservations about her hair being touched doesn’t mean she loves or cares
for your relationship less, its how she keeps it looking so good. And as the Caring, Compassionate man I
know you are, you should let go of the temptation to rub your fingers through her hair and RESPECT her

And if she allows you the rare chance to caress her beautiful tresses, remember Be Gentle.


Indigofera Holistic Beauty Team

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