Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Talking About Thinning

Last Week,  We talked about hairstyles for women experienceing thinning but this week let's elaborate on the condition of thinning.

 Thinning is when you experience hair loss from the root which is different from breakage.

If you relate to this experience, its important to know what is causing thinning to occur, what you should be aware of and what solutions are right for you.

The causes of thinning can be:

          - Stress

          - side effects of certain medication

          - Hormonal Changes

          - Disease

Take the time to assess the root causes for what you are experiencing and know that there are natural hair care solutions that will stimulate hair growth.

Here are are some more tips for addressing, assessing thinning and stimutating hair growth.

- Check the side effects of your medication and discuss with your doctor about the side effects you re experienceing.

- Evaluate your Stress. Uncontrol stress can effect our body, mind and spirit. Seek guidance when stress get out of control.

 - Sleep on Satin Pillow cases

- Avoid Tight Protective Styling

 - Use our Botanical hairdress on your Thinning areas and massage into the scalp.

Also, Contact Indigofera Client Care at for a Plant based Hair Care Consultation and Indigofera Full Customized Ritual Set.

Be Radiantly Beautiful,


Indigofera Holistic Beauty Team

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