Wednesday, May 29, 2013

28 Day Jump-Start Your Weight Loss Program

When women talk, I listen. This is what I’m hearing:

“I know what to do to lose weight; I’m just not doing it!”

They don’t know why. They just know that they have weight to lose and they’re struggling to make it happen.  Interestingly, I notice that these women share many similarities…

 They’re ambitious, health-conscious professions who are successful in other areas of their lives but fed up with struggling to lose weight and absolutely ready to have the body they desire.

Sound familiar?

·         If so, then you have everything it takes to reach all of your health goals, but losing weight is the one goal you haven’t quite mastered.
·          Day in and day out, you find yourself making unhealthy choices when you know what healthy foods to eat.
·         When it’s all over, you feel confused and frustrated at yourself for not being able to stick to your weight loss plan.

Does this ring a bell?

It did for me. I know all too well what it feels like to be stuck in the weight loss cycle. It felt like I was stuck in an emotional roller coaster of unhappiness. I felt stressed and defeated. And quite frankly, I didn’t have time for that! Neither do you.

So naturally, when I began hearing these cries for a solution, I reached out. But, before I could help in anyway, I needed an answer to a burning question:

“What do you need put in place to successfully lose the weight you want?”

This is what I heard:

“I need someone to help keep me focused.”
“I need some clarity on what’s holding me back from sticking to my plan.”
“I need someone to help me take action—and stay motivated.”
“I need a space where I feel safe and supported”.
“I need a way to jump-start my weight-loss!”

Those responses made me take action.  Having been 40lbs overweight myself, I know how important it is to make this amazing commitment to yourself. With the proper tools put in place, weight loss does happen—and it happens for you easily.
 My transformation
My response?  I created this: 

This is a 4 week live, virtual group program to help you start losing weight with all the tools you need to be successful. I created this private group for 10 women who know how to lose weight, but need more clarity to get there—without added stress or delay. As a busy professional, time is of the essence, right?

The program kicks off in June and will be held every Tuesday for 4 weeks (June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th) at 5pm-6pm PST (8pm-9pm EST) via Google Hangout.  Each session is 45 minutes with 15 minutes for Q & A afterward.  Those who can’t make the live sessions won’t miss out. A recording of each session will be sent to email each week.

During our session, you can expect laser coaching and action steps to keep you moving forward.  Each woman will have an ‘accountability partner’ for more one-on-one support, motivation, and inspiration. I’ve also created a private Facebook Group for everyone to share their progress while keeping the motivation going after the program. Those women who are dedicated to success and participate, WILL see weight loss results in 28 days. You owe it to yourself to get the support you need.

Investment: $247 (join with a friend and you both receive a $50 discount). Installment plan available for  both options.

Registration closes Monday, June 3rd or until all 10 spaces are filled. Click here to get started.

Mia Davis is a holistic nutrition & lifestyle coach, women’s wellness speaker, and owner of Blissful Chicks Wellness. She helps women lose weight without depriving themselves of the food and experiences they love. Her programs teach women how to find the balance on their plate and in their lives so they can shed pounds easily and naturally. Mia has training in holistic nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and also holds a Masters in Oriental medicine. She can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter, and on her website: 

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