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Natural Hair Care Regimen for Transitioning Hair

Natural Hair Care Regimen  for Transitioning Hair
SLS Free Herbal Shampoo
Co Wash Crème/Deep Conditioners
Daily Leave In Conditoner/Detangler
Sealant & Shine Serum
Sheer Moisture Lotion
Perfect Daily Hair care Essential
Create Gorgeous Braid outs, Twist outs and Bantu Knots
Decadent Scalpcare/ Multipurpose Styling Pomade
Excellent for Flat ironing
Perfect for Co Washing
Deep Condition 2-3 times per month while transitioning
Question: I am transitioning to natural hair, I am not sure of how to care or my hair and what products I should be using.

What do you suggest?

Answer: I understand your frustration. Many women who transitioning to natural hair face these same concerns. The good news is, your natural hair can be soft, managable and healthy! I have serves hundreds of clients with all hair types. You can acheive optimal hair moisture enjoy beautiful natural styles. Unfortunately many brands are not commited to formulating natural hair products with premium plant based ingredients. Or to save money other companies use traces of "Shea Butter, Coconut or Olive" for the sake of the label and profits. Inferior ingredients yield inferior results (dry, brittle, unmanagable hair.)   Take the time to give your hair the special care I needs and you will set the foundation for growing healthy, natural hair with so many styling options." My products are truely the gold standard in plant based beauty. My client testimonials rave about real result an exceptional quality.

"The hair care ritual set is the best product I have used on my hair. It is ALL NATURAL. That was the most important thing. It smells SO GOOD. When I take to the salon, people ask what I am using on my hair. Ilove it. It keeps my hair soft. I HAVE NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THE PROUCTS. If anyone out there is thinking about buying the RITUAL SET, DO IT!!!! You will not be disappointed!"

~Samantha, South Carolina

Here are my expert natural hair care tips for your specific challenges:



Plant Based Solution- Nourish tresses while damp and detangle with fingers instead of a comb
Expert tip *Create large twist after detangling and rehydrate with Indigofera's Hydrating Hair Mist as you style. Also try wearing more protective styles for the first week after cleansing like two strand twist, flat twists or coil sets.

apply to damp or dry hair

Organic Hair Souffle or Nourishing Hair Milk

Infused with Lemongrass Essential Oil

* Penetrates hair with pure aloe, fresh avocado and virgin coconut cream

* Leaves hair softer, healthier looking, and more manageable

* Revitalizes hair from the inside out

* No build up or residue



Indigofera Beauty Solution

Embrace your God given hair texture and don't make comparisons. Our hair can be straight, wavy, curly, coily or kinky. Run your fingers through your hair is it fine, medium or thick? My approach to hair care is not to change it, but to make YOUR hair and scalp as healthy possible. In my book  Radiant Living Guide I explore how to love your hair and reclaim your standard of beauty. I also share my story about launching Indigofera, with chapters on Plant Based Beauty Solutions, Aromatherapy, Wellness, Skincare, Haircare, Make-up & Beauty Rituals. Download it instantly on Etsy

Benefits of the Indigofera Hair Care Ritual

* Noticeable softness, manageability and shine from first use

* Delivers essential nutrients

* Imparts brilliant shine without weight

* Formulated with certified organic ingredients

Infused with aromatic botanicals, herbs, & 100% essential oils

What Indigofera Clients are saying!

Client Testimonial

"This was a great buy. I find myself reordering these products alot. Way better than Carol's Daughter or Miss Jessie's--the ingredients are superior and they penetrate the hair, not lie on top of it. Mega moisture= NO BREAkage ladies!!!!"

msceo8 says:
can't get better than indigofera. these are my go to products for beautiful healthy hair. you just can't do any better! the shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair clean and shiny and I like the tingly feeling it gives. thank you indigofera!
Danielle Fitzgerald (fitzngrits) says:
I love the scent of the hair serum and the botanical hairdress scent is amazing. The Hydrating Hair Mist is the perfect pick-me-up for your locs with a fresh peppermint scent. So far I am a very happy customer! My hair feels so moisturized and looks shiny. thank you!
RedPooka says:
I love this stuff!! It's the second batch of hair products I've bought from this seller. Great, anti-frizz properties. Smells wonderful. Highly recommend.
Lynn Renee (RicksRib) says:
WOW! From the first spritz I knew I had struck gold!!! For anyone who suffers from dry scalp like mine, one application is like a breath of fresh air for your scalp. It feels invigorating and moisturizing. My hair responded immediately to the added moisture and retained softness hours after I lightly misted my hair and scalp. I will continue to use this in my daily arsenal for maintaining a healthy scalp and happy hair!!! Thank you Indigofera!!!
Customer Reviews
This is one of my staples by Indigofera. It is very lightweight, and gives great shine for my locs. Very little goes a long way!
 Reviewed by:   from Augusta, Ga. on 3/5/2013
RatingBUY IT ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this stuff is AMAZING!!!, i used it on my braid out and it came out so lovely! it is absolutely perfect for us transitioners:)
 Reviewed by:   from Buffalo NY. on 7/2/2012
RatingMagic In A Bottle!
I have used Indigofera products for years but recently I used the Souffle on my daughters hair right after washing her hair and it was awesome! My daughter has very sensitive scalp issues which makes washing and styling her hair a major chore. But using the Organic Hair Souffle made her hair much easier to comb through and style. Cutting our time in half! Love IT!
 Reviewed by:   from Philadelphia,PA. on 5/24/2012

Indigofera Plant Based Beauty Solutions are ALWAYS petroleum and paraben free!

, it ships free for only $19.


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