Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You Won't Believe What I Ate on Vacation.....

Ice cream, pizza, wine, etc....

I was on vacay on the east coast last week. And yes, I ate all those things and more. Are you shocked? I can imagine why, but I enjoyed it!
 I also didn't gain a pound, get bloated, or feel like crap afterwards. No magic pills or eating spoon size portions either. Here's how...

Get the yummy details and a recipe to match here.

While I was away, I realized how great it feels to be so far away from home, but
still feel connected to so many different amazing women, all wishing me well on 
my mini-trip. That kind of support is what Blissful Chicks Wellness was build on.

Its why the 28 Day Jump-Start Your Weight Loss program works so well. Put 10 
women together, all headed towards a common goal and watch the magic happen!
I'm seeing pounds dropping and energy rising within 7 days. 

Its inspiring and totally possible for you.

Your goals can kick off starting July 9th. And to make that happen for you I've 
opened up the program for an introductory price.

Get more info and register here.

So, let's get the next 6 months started in an amazing way. If you can reach
some of your weight loss goals by August 1st, just imagine what you can accomplish
the rest of the year! Can't wait to see it!

With love + support,


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