Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Did I Cut My Locs after 5 years?

Hello Radiant Ones,
Many times I get the question, "Why did you cut your locs?"
The short answer is, I wanted a change. Another reason was I wanted to experience my own products on my loose natural hair.  I loved growing my locs, caring for them, getting them styled, cut and colored. I was a fairly easy style for me. About every two weeks I did my full Indigofera Hair Care Ritual and Loc Maintenance. My scalp was healthy and my locs just kept growing.
I wore so many creative styles being in the natural hair business. During this time, I attended many Natural Hair Shows and expos. I had great relationships with many natural stylists and I would barter for my sought after products so I loved trying new things. I wore creative updos, bob cuts, and fabulous color.
My locs did not define me a a woman. It was a style choice for me. Who knows would I loc my hair again? Maybe one day. :) The great think is I know what it takes to grow an cultivate beautiful, healthy long locs. I continue to share this wisdom with my clients and create amazing real plant based hair care I can be proud of.
Have a look at my photos of my locs and natural styles of the years.

After My Second Big Chop


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