Monday, July 20, 2009

Nourish and Hydrate

Indigofera’s best selling hair care solutions. The Nourish and Hydrate Set is a great way to try our line or stock up on your favorites. It comes in two sizes: petite and regular. View our Customized Indigofera Hair Care Rituals to learn suggested uses for your hair type.
These beauty solutions are staples in my hair care kit. The Organic Hair Souffle leave hair incredibly soft and shiny. My client love the uplighting lemongrass aroma. Indigofera Hydrating Hair Mist is perfect for detangling, leave-in conditioning, braids, twist, locks, transitioning styles and chemically treated hair that needs moisture without build up.
Don't miss the sale at Great time to use your gift cards and promo codes!
Be Radiantly Beautiful,
Indigofera Beauty Expert

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