Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aromatic Wellness: Six ways to Revive your Soul

Aromatherapy, the process by which oils from plants are used to ease physical and mental illnesses, usually through massaging or inhalation has increasingly become a popular method to use for treatment. Many believe that it’s the scent of the oils that sends messages to our mind and body causing it to respond in a healing manner.

Aromatic Wellness: Six ways to Revive your Soul

1. Peppermint essential oil added to your bath, it is very invigorating

2. Germanium essential oil is perfect for DIY dryer sheets, add six drops to natural cotton cloth (affordable and Eco-friendly

3. Lemon essential oil when added to you mopping water will freshen you home and lift the mood

4. Patchouli essential oil can be blended with your favorite carrier oil or plant butter for a sensual relaxing massage

5. Lavender essential oil calms, balances and restores, try it in a sachet for your bedroom

6. Sweet Orange oil can be used in a natural potpourri for you car, it can improve your focus and the citrus scent is therapeutic

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