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New Step by Step Hair Care Ritual

Indigofera Step by Step Hair Care Ritual




Benefits of the Indigofera Hair Care Ritual

* Noticeable softness, manageability and shine from first use

* Delivers essential nutrients

* Imparts brilliant shine without weight

* Formulated with certified organic ingredients

Infused with aromatic botanicals, herbs, & 100% essential oils

Plant based beauty solutions





Step 1

Aromatic Hair Cleanser  

Infused with Serenity Blend Essential Oil

* Prepares scalp and hair for Hair Care Ritual

* Infuses hair with Premium plant-based emollients

* Gently Cleanses and Replenishes the Hair

* Restores optimal health and softness


aromatic hair cleanser

How to use:

Saturate hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply 3- 5 

pumps of Aromatic Hair Cleanser close to scalp.

 Massage into a moisture rich later, work down 

length of hair. Rinse well and repeat as needed.




Step 2


Botanical Conditioning Cream

Infused with Serenity Blend Essential Oil

* Provides Intense moisture to the core of each hair fiber

* Protects dry and color-treated hair


botanical conditioning cream

How to use:

After cleansing with Aromatic Hair cleanser, squeeze

 excess water from hair and take a half dollar size

 amount of Botanical Conditioning Crème in the palm

 of your hand. Rub your palms together and apply

 evenly to damp hair.  Leave on for 5-7 minutes

 and rinse well with cool water.


*”I absolutely love how this conditioner makes my 

locks feel softer than soft with no build up”


*For loose natural hair detangle with your finger

or a wide tooth comb while conditioner is restoring.


*Intensive Hair Mask Apply to hair, 3 parts Botanical

 Conditioning Cream and 1 part Organic Hair Souffle’. 

Cover with plastic cap and steam or heat for

 25 minutes. Rinse well.



Nourish & Replenish

Step 3

Organic Hair Soufflé’ apply to damp or dry hair

Infused with Lemongrass Essential Oil

* Penetrates hair with pure aloe and virgin coconut cream

* Leaves hair softer, healthier looking, and manageable

* Revitalizes hair from the inside out

* No build up or residue


How to use:

Apply it as the 3rd step to damp conditioned hair

 then style as desired. Rub a half dollar sized amount

 into palm and massage evenly into hair. You may

 nourish anytime, but for best results don’t forget

 to apply to damp hair right after the cleanse and

 restore steps.



·         For loose natural hair get envious shine and 

softness with your twist, twist outs, coil sets, and free fros

(Nourish every 2-3 days as you like)


Must-have for transitioning!


Locks love Organic Hair Souffle, it is not formulated as a twisting

 crème but more importantly essential hair care 

for healthy beautiful tresses.

          ( You will only need it weekly to nourish your locks)


·         Twist crèmes, gels, setting sprays groom 

the new growth, but how are you caring for the 

entire strand of hair?




Step 4

 Botanical Hairdress apply to scalp

Infused with Lemongrass Essential Oil

* Maintains scalp moisture level

* Enhances natural luster to hair

* Distributes multi-layered plant-based nutrients

* Leaves hair with radiant shine


How to use:

After your hair is cleansed, restored and nourished, 

apply a thin layer of Botanical Hairdress to your scalp.

 For noticeable dry scalp and flaking apply generously 

after cleansing and every 2-3 days to effected areas.

 botanical hairdress



“My loose natural hair is kinky and very course.”


Expert tip: Rub Botanical Hairdress between your 

palms and work into ends for intensive moisture

 and protection.



Step 5

 Nourishing Hair Serum  multipurpose finishing oil, 

scalp care and repair treatment

Infused with Lemongrass Essential Oil


How to use: After styling hair rub a small amount into

 palms and apply to scalp and hair.




nourishing hair serum


·         Intensive Treatment Cocktail Apply a small

 amount mixed with (Botanical Conditioning Cream or

 Organic Hair Souffle) to clean damp hair. Cover with

 plastic cap steam or heat for 25 minutes. Rinse well

 and style as desired.



Step 6

Hydrating Hair Mist spray hair sections during

 comb out, between styles, or every 2-3 days

Infused with Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oil

* Leaves hair with radiant shine

* Rejuvenates moisture in between styles

* Invigorates the scalp & hair with peppermint, sage, & nettle

* Detangles & hyrdrates with vitamin rich avocado oil




How to use:

Spray through out hair and refresh scalp as needed.


hydrating hair mist

·         For loose natural hair, perfect for detangling and 

keeping hair damp

·         For locks hydrates and moisturizes at the same 

time, feels blissful!

·         Use as often as you like


Indigofera's 100% Money Back Promise

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Indigofera is donating 20% of all sales to the 

Haiti Relief effort through Febuary 15, 2010


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