Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Protected Fabulosity - More Ways Than One

Protected Fabulosity - More Ways Than OneBy: Chanelle Washington of Indigofera

Braids, twist and locs do not have to be boring. Here are a few tips and alternatives to bring the excitement back to your style. If you are the sista who can handle all eyes on you, give these looks a try. Here are 4 Ways to give your protective style fabulosity and flair.

1. Shake what your mama gave you… Remember the little girl in Crooklyn? She was working those beads. Susan Taylor wore hers with grace and style, she reminded me of a regal queen every time I opened an issue of Essence back in the day.Beads are timeless adornments and they come in all shapes and sizes from ebony wood to colorful crystals. So add some to your hair accessory collection.

2. Wrap it up…Yarn or thread wraps are a simple way to introduce color and texture to your style. Metallic bronze or an evening out or switch it up with Rasta colors for a live reggae concert.

3. Top it off…This dance ain’t for everybody only the sexy people…..If you have enough swag to wear to this Feather Flower Headpiece and Birdcage veil, then go ahead with your bad self!

4. Material girl…Don’t get it twisted the art of headwrapping is not for a bad hair day! When I visited Senegal I saw the most amazing creations of fabric sculpted on beautiful crowns. Headwraps can be simple chic to formal. Get some solids and prints and start practicing. Watch my girl Faryn do here thing.

Chanelle Washington, Indigofera Beauty Expert
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