Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Eyes Have It! ~ 10 Steps to Create Amazing Eyes

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To create this look I used my Sephora Eyeshadow Palette, MAC Shadow Base and Urban Decay Shadow for Highlight

lid ~ Green eyeshadow

crease ~ blue eyeshadow

inner lid ~ yellow eyeshadow

transition ~ shade soft beige

highlight ~ light bronze

10 Steps to Create Amazing Eyes

  • Apply and Eyeshadow base to intensity color and staying power!
Try NYX Jumbo Pencils, MAC Paints or Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  • Apply eyeshadow color from lid to crease and blend with shadow brush

  • In the crease build with a more neutral shade to create a seemless transition into highlight

  • Create depth with a deeper eyeshadow color and blend well at "outer V" and along crease

  • Each of us have different eye shape, select the right size brush to work with.
A brush that is too large with deposit color beyond the area you intended.

  • Highlight below the brow bone with a lighter shade, experiement with matte and shimmer shadows

  • Define your brows with a pencil or powder and brush to blend

  • Line the water line with black, brown or colored liner

  • Applying color to the lash line is your choice. You can skip eyeliner or a softer look.

  • A few coats of mascara on the upper and lower lashes and your done!

Be Radiantly Beatiful,


Indigofera Beauty Expert


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