Thursday, March 24, 2011

"How to Start your Own Creative Business" Audio Class

"How to Start your Own Creative Business" 
Presented by Chanelle Washington, MBA

Founder Indigofera

If you missed the lunch time tele class and live too to join me at the Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo this weekend. No worries! Order downloads of my Business Workshops delivered right to your inbox. Listen at home or through your Blackberry or iphone. Don't you just love technology? The title is How to Start your Own Creative Business, but the tools and strategies I share will help your grow your existening business by leaps and bounds. It is a full 60 minutes and included a bonus offer of my ebook Seven Gems for Entrepreneurial Success.

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"Just finished the lunchtime seminar with Chanelle Washington! What an eye opening experience! I am so appreciative of the time and information which was imported. Thank you for sharing your,patience, and knowledege Chanelle."

Peace from, My Funky Twisted Soul

... Adande

Get your tickets and take my class this Sat March 26th at 3pm
"The Business of Beauty"
Chanelle Washington

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Order my books and audio classes on Etsy

  • How to Start your Own Creative Business
  • Seven Gems for Entrepreneurial Success
  • Reflections of Radiant Beauty ~ Real Beauty From the Inside Out

The first 10 people to order will get my
next class for only $7.99

 "How to Master Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day"
(A $39.99 value)

Get yours on Etsy.

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  1. What is it about the souffle that has everyone crazy?

  2. Hi Jennifer! Quite simply. The Indigofera Organic Hair Souffle is "plant based perfection." Clients get envious softness and shine. Organic Hair Souffle leaves penetrates the hair with premium ingredients like aloe, coconut and avocado. Our signature infusion of lemongrass essential oil leave is uplifting and aromatic. What is not to love? Check out the "Answer to Dry Hair Video."


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