Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Use Hydrating Hair Mist

Growing up, most Black girls had their tresses washed with harsh, generic shampoos which are often detergent based. 
The result was hair that was stripped of its natural moisture, became tangled easily and was difficult to style.

Today, we understand a curly to kinky curl pattern is beautiful; it’s what makes us unique and it deserves special care. 

A big key to embracing your natural texture is to be sure to keep hair hydrated.  Indigofera’s Hydrating Hair Mist will boost your hair’s moisture.  

  • Dampen hair with Hydrating Hair Mist
  • Detangle gently with fingers, create 8-10 twists then more twists for thicker texture (for locks, skip this step)
  • Saturate scalp with warm water, massage with fingertips
  • Gently cleanse and rinse thoroughly twice

Plant based ingredients will nourish your hair.  Aloe will rejuvenate your hair between styles.  Rosemary and peppermint invigorates the scalp, and avocado will help detangle your hair effortlessly. 

Hydrating Hair Mist can help you claim your natural beauty!


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  1. I keep a spray bottle of water mixed with essential oils for my hair. This is pretty much what I use for my daily slick backs. I'm wondering how it's different from the hydrating mist? I think just plain water can dry out natural hair. Should the hydrating mist maiinly be used if you're going to where your hair in a "wet" style? Thanks for sharing.


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