Monday, April 4, 2011

Indie Beauty Brand Indigofera Embraces Social Media for Community Building

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April 4, 2011

Indie Beauty Brand Indigofera Embraces Social Media for Community Building

Maryland, USA (April 4, 2011)

Indigofera, a plant based beauty and wellness brand since 2000, embraces social media opportunities to attract new business and build a strong sense of community among dedicated clients.

Founder Chanelle Washington explains the company’s philosophy “embodies our commitment to giving our clients only nature’s best, while exceeding their expectations, and sharing information to help them look and feel “Radiantly Beautiful!”

Washington uses many internet channels to share valuable knowledge ranging from skincare and natural hair care to wellness lifestyle and entrepreneurial advice. For example, in “Chanelle’s Morning Vlog” on YouTube, Washington’s natural and approachable tone makes the viewer feel welcome within the Indigofera Family.

On Indigofera’s Facebook, interactions between the company and clients strengthen the relationship. The company has also integrated its Etsy shop within the Facebook format, creating a convenient way for clients to keep up with social happenings while stocking up on Indigofera’s popular products, such as Botanical Hairdress and Nourishing Hair Milk.

Not limited to YouTube and Facebook, Indigofera also provides beauty and wellness guidance through a regularly updated Beauty blog ( and Twitter updates. Recently, a Sam Fine Celebrity makeup artist endorsed Indigofera’s blog via Twitter.

Washington’s strengths of communication and approachability highly contribute to the loyalty and engagement found by Indigofera’s community. In addition to growing the Indigofera brand, Washington’s accessibility, knowledge and supportive personality make her a natural teacher of both beauty and business through teleseminars, books, and audio courses.


For more information about Indigofera, or to schedule and engagement with Chanelle Washington, email or call 800-308-1182.

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