Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stop Damaged & Dry Tresses by Using Nourishing Hair Milk ~ 4 oz

In order to effectively combat frizz, one must understand what causes hair to become dry. When the hair's natural moisture balance is low, the hair expands in order to "suck" the water molecules from In order to effectively combat frizz, one must understand what causes hair to become frizzy. When the hair's natural moisture balance is low, the Tresses expand in order to "suck" the water molecules from the air. This is why hair becomes dry in humid weather, when there is more moisture in the air. In other words, Tresses are dry because it is "thirsty".

When straightening dry hair it is important to avoid using styling tools that can damage the hair. Most better-quality flat irons use ceramic or tourmaline heating plates which produce an ionic type of heat which allows hair to be styled while preserving the moisture content of the hair. Many blow-dryers also utilize ionic technology. If you have dry tresses, look for blow-dryers and irons that utilize this kind of ionic technology; otherwise your Tresses will be vulnerable to heat damage.

A Star is Born!!!

Indigofera Nourishing Hair Milk

Nourishing Hair Milk ~ 4 oz

Transform dry, brittle, and unmanageable hair with Indigofera’s newest beauty solution! Our Nourishing Hair Milk is a sheer, moisture-rich cream formulated from pure aloe, virgin coconut oil, and luscious avocado oil. We added our 100% essential oil in Signature Lemongrass to our Nourishing Hair Milk for a revitalizing citrusy aroma. Our luxurious plant based ingredients won’t weigh hair down or melt in the hot summer sun. A lavish way to love your tresses, Nourishing Hair Milk is perfect for transitioning, curls, twists, locks, and all natural styles.

Bottled for You: Indigofera’s Nourishing Hair Milk is packaged in a convenient bottle for your dispensing ease and enjoyment. Order our 4 oz regular size for continual use or take a test drive with our 2 oz petite size.

Hair Care Ritual: Apply Nourishing Hair Milk to damp tresses after cleansing with our Aromatic Hair Cleanser and restoring with our Botanical Conditioning Cream. Leave in and style as desired. During the week, continue to hydrate with hydrating hair mist and reapply Nourishing Hair Milk as needed for envious softness and shine!

Plant Based Ingredients: Pure Aloe, Purified H 2 O Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Veg. Glycerin Plant Emulsifiers, Lime Essential Oil, paraben free preservative.

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