Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Renewal – Natural Beauty Ritual

You spring clean your house, why not spring clean your body and soul, too? A Weekend Escape Ritual will help you reconnect with yourself.

Set your intentions for the weekend, sipping some herbal tea or juice while you journal. Relax into the weekend with an aromatherapy bath Friday evening, using the bath blend recipe below.

Custom Aromatic Bath Blend

• Add 15-24 drops of your favorite essential oil to 1 tablespoon olive oil or sweet almond oil, making sure to heed the safety information for the oil you choose. Try lavender for a relaxing bath.
• Stir the oil mixture in to 3 cups Dead sea salt, regular sea salt or Epsom salts.
• Store in a pretty jar or air tight container.

To use the salts, add a half to 1 cup of the salt blend as you run your bath water, allowing the salts to dissolve before entering. Relax and enjoy.

On Saturday, spend some time outdoors on a nature walk. Looks for signs of renewal all around you, as flowers start peeking through the ground and trees begin to show some green. Take in the energy!

After you return home, indulge in a Hair Care Ritual.  Find more details about the Hair Care Ritual and other restorative ideas in "Reflections of Radiant Beauty."

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, herbal tea, and natural juice throughout the day.
Wrap up your weekend of decadence with a guided imagery CD or meditation on Sunday.

After a weekend of self care and pampering, you will feel as refreshed as a flower after a spring rain.

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