Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grow Beautiful Natural Hair

Transitioning, curls, coils, kinks or locs. Do you want a gorgeous tresses with envious softness and shine? Natural hair does not have to be complicated. My tried and true tips with result in beautiful healthy hair with visible health and shine.

Here are the 10 Indigofera Beauty tips for to grow beautiful natural hair:

1. Use a Botanical Conditioning Creme after shampooing

2. Avoid blow drying hair especially with high heat since it leads to easy breakage of hair. Let the hair dry naturally

3. When combing hair, always comb from root working your way down to the ends in order to reduce the risk of breakage

4. When blow drying your hair use your fingers to untangle the knots before using your comb

5. Always gently blot dry hair instead of rough towel drying

6. Visit a professional stylist as often as possible to maintain the shape of your style and the condition of your hair

7. Do not shampoo your hair everyday it will make your hair rough and dry. Customize your hair care ritual depending on your hair texture, curl pattern and style.

8. Trim your hair every 6 weeks to get eliminate split ends so that your hair grows long and strong.

9. Try scalp massages as it induces blood circulation which helps in hair growth

10. Hair loving herbs like sage, rosemary and nettle  promote hair growth.

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