Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ask the Expert: Essential Questions You Should Ask your Natural Hair Stylist ~ Part I

Essential Questions You Should Ask your

 Natural Hair Stylist  ~ Part I

Do you have a style portfolio?

Yes a picture is worth a thousand words. For many clients who are looking for a new hair stylist a professional looking portfolio will help them see the you can create the style they want to achieve. Photos that show before and after shots are the best. Stylist should try to have at least one photo documenting their work. The presentation of the portfolio will also give an indication to the level of service you may receive.

Are you trained as a cosmetologist, natural hair stylist, or loctician?

Each path of training covers different fundementals and approaches to hair care and styling. Traditional cosmetologist typically study longer in a more formal program. Pros are they are licencesed to chemically color and cut hair. Cons may be very limited training in natural hair care (this is gradually changing for the better) Natural Hair Stylists are typically trained though workshops, apprenticeship or cultural tradition. Pros typically they are very commited and knowledgeable about transitioning, natural hair care products and promote a holistic service experience Cons it may take some time to find a professional, consistent natural stylist epecially outside of major metropolitain areas. Lociticians are specifically trained in starting, grooming and cultivating locs. Pros they are typically very skilled and have exceptional styling ability Cons they may not have be versitile in other styling methods or may be focused particular philosophy of "how to loc or be natural."

Please know these descriptions are just a starting point. I know several muti-facted stylists in this business who are constantly evolving to serve their clients needs.

How do you promote healthly hair care for your clients?

    Once you see the stylist's portfolio and learn about their background, philosophy and training. Ask about their commitment to healthy hair care. Do they offer protective styles, restorative conditioning treatments, roller sets or steam therapy?

Have they sought advance training for specific skills or certification ?

    If your stylist progressive or stuck in the last decade? Have they attended any continuing education? Are they looking to about new trends, plant based beauty or professional development? (You may not have to ask this directly. Just observe there presence, conduct and atmosphere. How do you feel within 3 minutes of entering their space? Trust your intution for the right fit.)

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  1. A great insight to questions to ask our hair care specialist.

    By the way...I love your blog I found it thru a thread you posted etsy.

  2. Hi Candi!

    Thank you so much for your comment. Do you currently have a natural hair stylist?


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