Thursday, September 8, 2011

16 Ways to Style Natural Hair

                 16 Ways to Style Natural Hair

Embrace your beautiful curls, coil, kinks and locs
Here are 16 ways to care for and style your natural hair. Watch the video and then tell us how you are styling your natural hair this fall. Where do you get your inspiration? Did you recently transition to natural hair? Do you use butters, creams, milks, pomades, leave in conditioners or natural hair gel? What works for your curl pattern? We want to know!

1.Twist it

2.Braid it

3.Curl it

4.Loc it

5.Knot it

6.Restore it

7.Adorn it

8.Nourish it

9.Wrap it

10.Moisturize it

11.Cornrow it

12.Press it

13.Hyrate it

14.Blow it

15.Color it

16.Crop it

17.Love it.


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