Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ask the Expert: Tips on Reducing Stress

Manage and Reduce Stress

Western Society and the constant changing of roles in women have contributed to our intense levels of stress. As a result we are prone to chronic illness, anxiety and depression. Some levels of stress are good. It can be motivating and inspire new beginnings, ideas and much needed change. However, high stress can cause problems such as heart disease, hair loss, obesity etc. The sooner you take charge of your life the better you will feel. Be proactive and don‟t wait until things are spinning out of control to find balance.

 As I‟ve approached my 30s, I have learned the importance of paying attention to the signs of imbalance, overload, toxicity and un-managed stress. Beauty rituals and plant based products are important and mean so very much to me. I always make time to for me. I talk with God through prayer, make time for healthy social relationships, set boundaries, take trips to the spa and I always detox a few days per month.

Tips for setting Healthy Boundaries:

Respect and trust your intuition

Recognize that you have choices in life

Be accountable for your decisions

Release guilt and pressure from the past

Pay attention to negative patterns or emotions

Give yourself permission to grow

Empower yourself with "I" statements. "I choose better circumstances for my life"

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