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5 Ways to Become a Phenomenal Natural Hair Stylist

5 Ways to a Become Phenomenal Natural Hair Stylist

By Chanelle Washington

Perhaps you feel confident about your skills as a natural hair stylist. Transitioning, two strand twists, starter locs, Sisterlocs, beautiful updos and fabulous color  are some of services you have mastered.  Lifelong learners never get too comfortable. We know your clients and potential clients have many choices these days. Do you have a plan to serve your clients with excellence? Why should they remain loyal after their first visit to your salon. What really matters to clients who wear natural hair, locs or want to transition?

Here are 7 of my salon tested best practices to help you elevate your service standard and attract loyal clients:

Be a good listener

When a new client calls to inquire about an appointment, a particular service and has a question; they are seeking you out for a reason. ALWAYS welcome your clients and start the relationship with a natural hair consultation. A good consultation let's your client know you are listening and that their specific needs will be addressed. After their contact information the form should include question on the condition of their hair, texture, and last chemical services including color. You also want to know how much education your client needs on hair care. Do they still use detergent and petroleum based products or have they evolved to plant based beauty solutions formulated for natural hair? Want to know what they want from you as a natural hair stylist or salon, JUST ASK, then LISTEN.

Stimulate the Senses

Did you know you can transform a shampoo, loc maintenance and style service into a transformative experience for your client? You can create a space that focused on a multi-sensory experience at your salon. My coaching clients learn my methods of incorporating the right steps into every service you offer. Remember anyone can do the ordinary, be set apart and exceed your client’s expectations.

Implement the 60/40 rule

Many salons have the reputation for havens of gossip and “foolishness.” As a beauty professional, you must learn to manage the of  pulse of a conversation at all times. Here is my rule 60% of the conversation should be related to reason your client is being served. How to embrace their hair texture, how to achieve healthy hair, how to achieve beautiful skin, simple ways to minimize stress, how to live a more balanced life..... You get the point. Initiate the right questions, offer expert tips, and share a beauty book, magazine or relevant article.
Discuss how they can extend their style, reduce breakage or combat dry scalp.

Create Signature Services

Do me a favor. Find your service menu and read it out loud. How does it sound? Could it use a makeover? You can go from boring to memorable. Spice up those descriptions. Give your "deep conditioning treatment" a name. At my studio I used “Intensive Hair Mask."  Botanical Conditioning Crème + Organic Hair Souffle. Stylists create custom hair cocktails all the time. Ms. Organic, Glam Doll, Edgy or Afro-Chic, which of these personas reflects your style? Let your clients know about it in a unique way that reflections your brand.


Build the Relationship

Let's face it the stylist-client relationship can be one that requires trust, communication and a good connection. Keep it fresh and interesting! Send your client a thank you note with a handwritten signature within days of the first visit. If they are a long time client call them and give free service like a steam treatment, highlights, or hair care product on their next visit. If you have an electronic newsletter, create a survey to get honest feedback about, customer service, atmosphere, styling, retail selection etc.

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Chanelle is a Radiant Living Coach, Founder of Indigofera and Microbusiness Mentor. She teaching women how to create new realities and experience more joy, confidence and abundance.

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