Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chanelle's inspiration for real plant based beauty

"Creating Indigofera and our spectrum of beauty products grew out of my understanding of holistic beauty, spirituality and science. I love the joy of blending exotic butters, moisture rich nutrients, uplifting essential oils and fragrant herbs. There is so much energy, dedication and attention that goes into each product we make. Its an exciting and fulfilling process and my clients love the results! My Indigofera philosophy is something I now share with others who have a passion to deliver a tranquil transformative experience.

 I've spent the last ten years helping my clients dive into the remarkable world of natural, holistic beauty and rediscover the benefits of natural healing. My new book "Reflections of Radiant Beauty" gives you the tools to embrace the Indigofera philosophy from wherever you are. "Reflections of Radiant Beauty" contains over 100 pages of tutorials, reflections and affirmations on the holistic lifestyle. You'll learn everything you need to start living in tune with your body and the natural world. Enjoy the gift of Radiantly Beauty!"

Indigofera Beauty

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