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7 Secrets to Grow Long Black Hair

7 Secrets to Grow Long Black Hair

              It is possible to grow long natural hair, nurture you hair from the inside, and protect your tresses from breakage.  My  secrets are really not secrets at all, but rather a common sense method that has worked for my own  hair. I grew my natural locs for five years to they reached the center of my back. The tips I will share will get you started, if you want to grow long natural hair.

Working from the inside

The hair follicles are tiny skin organs feed by a blood flow from the scalp. Hair growth occurs in cycles. A few factors influence the rate of growth. One factor that is out of our control is genetics. However we can they are ways that we can promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss from damage and improper care.

Chanelle's hair 5 years of growth (cut 1 time)
midback lenth
Creator, Indigofera Hair Care Ritual

1.    Detox for healthy hair

     Proper nutrition and a healthy digestive system are key to your bodies ability to absorb energy. Regular detoxing allow you to restore balance to your system and improve the health of your hair from the inside. Here are some of the healthy foods I eat during my monthly detox and cleanse. Kale, avocado, pears, carrots, apples, spinach, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

2.    Eat Live Foods

Even if you are not vegan, which I currently am not. You can introduce fresh, healthy, creative food into your diet. Remember the hair follicle can only product healthy hair, when you create the best environment for thriving cells. Replace 3 meals per week with healthier alternatives. 

I love to keep baby carrots with me for a healthy snack. I also cook a pot of Okra, Corn and Tomotoes once a week to increase my vegetable servings.
Juicing is another great way to enjoy a boost of vitamins and minerals and feel great!

                                         Chanelle's Fresh Mango, Blackberry & Strawberry Salad

3.    Voyage to India

Genitcs are one of the things influencing hair growth that we cannot control. Over the years, my hair clients have sought my help after hair loss and thinning related to Heat abuse, thinning from tension styles , chronic illness, nutritional deficiencies, and chemical damage all contributing to hair loss and thinning.  So I was inspired to explore some ancient Indian herbs to promote, thicker, healthier more lustrous hair Here is what my clients are saying

Client testimonial

“Hi Chanelle,
Just want to say that I have been using your products since March of this year.  I wish i had heard about your beauty line before.  I keep my hair natural, but it was damaged from use of prescription drugs and hair processing.  I can now see the new growth taking place, and I am very pleased with the results.  I wish you could see me each day with my mirror, examining the new growth taking place :-)

Thanks again.  I've recommended these products to family members and friends.”

Pat H.


4.    Minimize and Manage Stress
                Do you realize unmanaged stress can lead to hair loss?

From the Outside            

Now that you know how to care for your hair follicle from the inside holistically, let’s talk about how to care for your natural hair. There are countless articles, videos and opinions on how to grow natural hair. I will share what has worked in my own personal experience. I encourage you to patiently embrace these rituals and see results in 90 days.


5.   Commit to Plant Based Rituals -Nourish and Hydrate

                         Fresh. Premium. Organic.
                     Indigofera was born a plant based brand it's in our roots

Why are sulfates, petrochemicals and parabens not good for my hair?

Indigofera hair care solutions are formulated with care and intention to moisturize, nourish and replenish your hair. Sulfates can be drying and strip the hair too hair for curls, coils, kinks and locs, so why add it?  Aromatic Hair Cleanser is blended with a plant based cleansing complex the gently cleanse and prepare the hair to absorb the nutrients in the ritual. Petrochemical aka Petroleum aka Mineral oil is a cheap by product that has no place in your beauty ritual. If gives the illusion of moisture with no nourishing properties what so ever. Sweet Almond, Avocado, Aloe, Karite, Coconut may cost us more, but your body, mind and soul are priceless! Parabens are a preservative that prevents bacterials, fungi and mold from growing in cosmetics. However there are gentler paraben-free preservatives the have been very effective in our formulation that have and emulsion of water and oil. So there you have it, Indigofera believes in the "smart beauty." Generous amounts of what your hair and skin craves and none of what it doesn't.

Learn more….

Nourish & Hydrate for optimal growth

While growing your natural hair it is essential to Nourish &; Hydrate daily

Organic Hair Souffle ( Nourishing Leave in Crème),
Nourishing Hair Milk ( Sheer Moisture Lotion)  in photo
 Hydrating Hair Mist ( Daily Lightweight Leave in)

Apply your choice of soufflé or milk ( Learn which Indigofera are right for my hair type) throughout hair, consentrate on the ends.

And Hydrate every day for 90 days.
To “seal” the ends apply the Indigofera Nourishing Hair Serum
Twice weekly apply Botanical Hairdress to the scalp.

6.      Style Smart

    Twist outs, Silk Press, Wash and Go Styles are all beautiful. However to maximize your length in 90 days decide on which protective styles you will wear to

 Protective Styles are best for growing natural hair Cornrows, Flat Twist, Locs, Two Strand Twists,

A note about Sew in Weaves/Extensions *  alternate between light and decadent scalpcare. Remove the tracks , cleanse and restore you hair at least every 10-14 days (remember those follicles need to breath and your hair needed to be nourished)

7. Minimize Breakage
(Preserve your length)

Use fingers to detangling  ( limit combing) and brushing

                                                    Indigofera Client Diatta
                                                     Two Strand Twist using
                                     Nourishing HAir Milk and Hydrating Hair Mist
                                                               Nourish and Hydrate Set

Steam Treatments  ( Moist Heat does wonders for keeping hair soft)

IntensiveHair Mask  ( Twice per month try  Deep Conditioning Treatments for dry and damaged hair) Mask Recipe 3 parts Botanical Conditioning Crème + 1 Part Organic Hair Souffle

Sleep on Satin ( I recommend Neero & Ana’s Satin Hydration Therapy)

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      Be Radiantly Beautiful

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