Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Page from My Story

Hello Radiant Ones


     I hope all is well in your world. I just want to say how much I appreciate each one of you for being the Radiant Beauties you are. I started Indigofera over 10 Years ago. I had a vision for a company that would be something women of color could be proud of. Indigofera has grown up with me along with many of you. Some of my closest friends were first my clients at the Indigofera Natural Hair and Skin Studio in Philly.

   Many of you tell me I am an inspiration, but I don’t think you realize that this business would not be possible without you.   You allow me to be vulnerable and cry on your shoulders.  I am young black woman born in Mt Airy raised in Germantown with roots in North Philadelphia. My great grandparents were Jamaican immigrants and my mother had me at 16.  God has allowed me to rise above the odds against me.

   I have loved and experienced heartache.  I have a nurturing spirit and look forward to being a mother one day.  I can be sensitive and impatient. I enjoy simple things and I love people.  I am still a city girl at heart. Thank you for loving me beyond the person you see online.

   It is easy to focus on what we do not have, the decisions we have made or what may happen in the future. In this moment I am grateful in the middle of my imperfection. Today realize the power you have inside you. Cry if you have to. Release anything that is not building you up.  Share your gifts with the world, we all have something to share.


Be Radiantly Beautiful,


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