Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 Tips for Successful Salon Retailing - Natural Hair Care Products

Chanelle’s  5 Tips for Successful Salon Retailing

Merchandising – Presentation is everything! Create a dedicated salon space preferable a shelving area to display your products. Indigofera brand colors are lavender/purple, fern green and white. Natural accents like dried flowers or eucalyptus enhance your display.  Indigofera info cards should be available on the display. Branded Indigofera Signage and posters should be placed strategically on the door,  waiting area, at the bowl, styling station and retail display.


Eye level – Position shelving for retail products at eye level in your hair salon. Clients should not have to been or stoop down to visualize products. Use track lighting to draw attention to your Indigofera products.


Attractive – Be Diligent about keep the area inviting, always place tester in front of products with tester sticks in jars for sampling. Natural hair care products and cosmetics should be displayed in a sanitary manner. Do not place water bottles or miscellaneous objects on your display. Use a feather duster every 3 days over products.


Balanced- Arrange your products in a symmetrical manner.  It is helpful to  place products in order of the Indigofera Hair Care Ritual. Cleanse. Restore. Nourish. Hydrate. Shine.


Switch it up – As your products sell. Rearrange the display. Never leave open holes are empty, sparse looking display. Use pretty vases, signage, etc to balance the area.

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  1. Natural skin care products are always beneficial for us as it does not have chemical content and no side effect.


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