Monday, October 22, 2012

Noyek's Indigofera Natural Hair Journey ~ Real Results for Coily Kinky Hair

Hello Radiant Ones!

Noyek Here! Its been about 3 weeks now since I've began my Indigofera natural hair care journey! Still, I am just as excited as I was my first use, actually much more. Previously, I didn't really have an established healthy hair routine. To be quite honest, I pamper my hair as much as I should have My natural coily, kinky hair was very dry and craving moisture. It was neglected and it pretty much showed, especially on a bad hair day. A large part was the fact that I had tried so many products with no real success.  Any product junkies out there? lol

 With Indigofera Natural Natural Hair Care Products, I noticed results from the first use! My hair was much softer, much shinier and smelled fresh and blissful. The results made me want to commit to my custom Indigofera Hair Care Ritual to retain moisture, keep my hair nourished and growing beautififully! Take a look at the video of my testimonial below.

Be Radiantly Beautiful!



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