Monday, November 5, 2012

Indigofera Inspiration: Learn to Appreciate the Little Things

"Be Inspired..."

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It is quite common in life that we take the smaller things for granted.  Remember it is the smaller things that are responsible or even allowed the bigger things to be possible. 

Daily many of us takes the sunrise for granted. We may feel because it is expected to happen everyday, and hasn't proved otherwise for the last 2,000 years its noting new and isn't worthy of our appreciation.  However, on the bright sunny morning when you receive fresh cut flowers and breakfast in bed you rejoice and declare your happiness. Being that this only happens occasionally you have put more value on the gesture. It is the  sun which is what helps nourishes and aid in the growth of the flowers you smell and the food you are enjoying.  Without sunlight, neither is possible. 

Be grateful for everything, both the big and the small because it is all interconnected in some way and without one it is impossible to have the other.

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  1. yeah, good inspiration. all these small things happening creates our life. although i have to admit, often i waste too much power and energy waiting/hoping for big thing to happen, then it's just the same important (or even more important) to enjoy these simple little things...


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