Monday, November 19, 2012

Indigofera Inspirations- Encourage Yourself

Source: via Arthur on Pinterest
It is very easy to pity yourself when things are going wrong and give praise when everything is going right. I understand that praises should be given when due but understand that encouragement is the spouse of praise and they work best when together. Self pity, should be ruled out at all costs, it’s not healthy.

 Encourage yourself to do better when things are going as you vision. Encourage yourself to stay focus when you already are. Just, encourage yourself to be what you envision as it will truly come to fruition. This includes during the times when you’re struggling to see your fading vision. Encouragement will restore its hue.

 Give praises and thanks for the small accomplishments as they are the building blocks of the larger accomplishments. Encourage yourself and give praise because although things doesn't go as you always want or expect, it is all apart of your journey to strengthen and polish you to your state of perfection.

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