Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Styling your way through the Transition

It seems since you've decided to transitioned your hair styles have become very basic. You have become restricted to the fro and the twist out, perhaps in different variations. Well, guess what, you can give that kinky hair of yours the same love, possibly MORE, than what you'd show it if it was relaxed. Not for one minute should you feel restricted to the same "boring old style". There's something for everyone! Short, long or in between.

Protective styling is definitely an option and a vital part of caring for your natural hair. It can be done on any length and/or curl pattern that can sustain. The styles are endless and not only limited to box braids. Protective styling should be done on at least six inches of strong, healthy hair.

Source: welovecurlies.tumblr.com via Indigofera on Pinterest
Short Hair Beauties, those that don't require protective styling just yet, if you did the big chop, you are already a step ahead! One, you did what many wouldn't and two that’s fierce in its on right. Play up the big chop by accessorizing. Visiting a museum or any other artsy, eclectic event? Channel it with blocky jewelry, big bangles, vibrant colors! The big chop can also be approached in a more relaxed and/or elegant manner. If you are a natural beauty that has a knack for makeup, on your way to a more formal event, play your up facial feature’s strong points to accentuate your hair. If you have experienced some growth, try coiled styles, add a flower.

Medium and longer length ladies there’s a little more of an array of  styles, simply because you have length, however, that means that you guys serve as length and style inspirations for those who desire it!

Out on the town with the girls, try a retro pinup, its sure to turn heads!

Enjoying dinner later on in the evening with the a special friend, no fret, steal the night with a stunning pompadour, it’ll definitely do the trick. The Best part, it only takes 4 minutes! Another one that's sure to be a hit, is the pincurls, it gives you that nicely defined curl set without the heat and rods.

This is only a few of the many, many styles out there, their variations and your creativity. Please, share your natural styles with us, we’re always looking for inspiration.

Source: sweetcurlytam.tumblr.com via Indigofera on Pinterest
Also, remember ladies, regardless of hair length all natural hair styles look their best and are at their healthiest when the hair is healthy. Natural Hair deserves a healthy pant-based hair ritual to reach its maximum potential. Also, please keep the tresses well moisturized, MEGA MOISTURE=NO BREAKAGE!!!

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