Thursday, November 15, 2012

Noyek's Natural Hair Care Tips-Mega Moisture= No Breakage!!!

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Something that I have noticed to be quite recurring in EVERY consultation I’ve ever received is an issue with dry hair. This I completely understand. Before I started my real plant-based hair ritual, I wanted the same thing for my 4B kinky coils. Well, the secret to hair breakage prevention is moisture. MEGA MOISTURE=NO BREAKAGE!!!
Since beginning my Indigofera Hair Care Ritual I have seen a tremendous

increase in my moisture level. First and foremost, natural hair craves water. Keep the hair hydrated! A great product to use is the Indigofera Hydrating Mist. It smells great and hydrates the hair.
One of my favorite products for sealing in moisture is the Nourishing Hair Milk. It does just as the name says; it nourishes the hair. I even use it to do twist out styles, both
damp and dry. I not only recommend Nourishing Hair Milk to ladies because of the fact that it moisturizes so well, but its also so light and sheer, so, no white residue. We want you to have a radiant glow, natural beauties, but not from the white flakes of heavy product residue!

Another recommendation is co-washing. The Indigofera Botanical Conditioning Crème is great for co-washing. It enriches the hair with all the needed essential oils to ensure great moisture. Follow either of the products, Nourishing Hair Milk or Botanical Conditioning Crème, with the Aromatic Finishing oil to set the moisture in with lasting shine. The Aromatic Oil works well on moisturizing locs as well as overall shine.

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