Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Lifestyle!

We as African American women balance very busy lives. Among us are stay at home moms, entrepreneurs and professionals.  Yes,we all make choices that determine our unique lifestyle. However, we aren't always conscious of the choices that we make when we are always on the go.

Here are 5 ways to Upgrade your Lifestyle

1. Give yourself 5 minutes to unwind. Turn off your cell, get into a comfortable position and don't think about anything! Give your mind permission to take a break, breathe deeply, and remember that you are a precious, important part of your life. Peace of mind is priceless, cultivate it daily.

2. Find ways to share your gifts with the world. Each one of us has something to give. Volunteer for a charitable cause, teach someone a new skill or inspire children with your life story. Listen to how you can find practical ways to give back.

3. Put your Spirit First. Sometimes we go so fast giving ourselves away to everything and everybody else that we forget about our spiritual practices and needs. Your spirit is important so pay attention to the signs your spirit gives you. Neglect comes in forms or pain, and chaos so Pay Attention Inside Now.

4. Take a little time to Read the Ingredients on Your Hair, Skin and Body Products. Pay particular attention to the first 4 to 5 ingredients. The formula shows the highest percentage ingredient first the the least amount last. Sulfates, petroleum, chemicals and synthetics are not worthy of your beauty rituals.

5. Express your Creativity. Whether you like to paint or write a little poem. Do it! There is freedom in the art of expression.  Create something beautiful and reflect on it often.

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