Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Beauty Tips for African American Women - Video

Chanelle's Morning Beauty Vlog - Spring Beauty Tips

  Hello Radiant Ones!

               Here is my newest morning beauty vlog. I share how you can look your best for spring. Spring Beauty Tips on gorgeous brows, glowing skin and radiant hair. 

This is a photo of Tia, Nicole and myself taken at the Heal a Woman Heal a Nation Conference in Maryland. After you watch the morning beauty Vlog see my reflection on the day.


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Chanelle is a voice of inspiration, beauty and wellness expert for women of color who want to look and feel their best. She empowers others to increase self confidence and by sharing her love of holistic beauty, light filled living and authenticity. She reaches Radiant Beauties in the United States, and London. Are you choosing to be RADIANT? Get my 10 Part Holistic Beauty Mini Course Subscribe Here

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