Thursday, April 28, 2011

Real Plant Based Hair Care: Ask the Expert

Learn about Indigofera sought after hair care ritual. Get your hair care, transitioning and beauty questions answered by Chanelle Washington, Indigofera Founder and Beauty Expert.

Discover the Difference. Real Plant Based Hair Care

For a decade I have offered my clients more than just a beauty product. As the years go by, and more people experience Indigofera. I remain ever committed to ensuring you enjoy the benefits of

real plant based beauty.

If you have tried just about everything to combat your dry hair, flaking scalp, breakage from damage, stressful thinning and lifeless hair, perhaps this is a divine encounter. Maybe you are excited and nervous at the same time about transitioning to your natural hair texture.

Relax….., I have coached countless women to reclaim their God given beauty and declare a new self love and acceptance. Some of you may already know to how premium plant based ingredients, nutrition, wellness, and proper hair care can transform

your hair.

Where ever you find yourself, I hope to exceed your expectations as a source of plant based beauty information. Indigofera’ blog and social media content is rich, informative and interactive

Which products are right for my hair type/texture?

What ingredients are in Indigofera products?

I need fresh inspiration for my natural hair?

How can I create natural styles at home?

Where do I find a natural hair stylist right for me?

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