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Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair ~ The Indigofera Way

How to transition to natural hair

It is very exciting to transition from natural hair to relaxed or permed hair. No matter what you hair texture straight, wavy, curly, coily, or kinky these tips can make your natural hair journey one you can feel good about. Natural styles are healthy, and save you precious time you can use to live a richer life. Natural styles can range from classic and simple to trendy and edgy. So relax, release the social pressures, get to know your hair and enjoy your “unique” journey. Here is a natural style I created using the Indigofera Hair Care Ritual and a roller set. It's the color fabulous.

Transition from relaxed to natural hair styles

The transition to natural hairstyles can be a satisfying experience with the right support, techniques and plant based hair solutions. The most straight forward way to go back to natural hair state is cutting off the relaxed hair and wearing styles suitable for the length of natural hair you have. This may be the boldest method but one does not need to worry about the breakage and transition which is done with the least amount of work. However this method is not for everyone. The following methods can be used when making a transition natural hair:

Transitioning Style Options

Big Chop

Braids/ extensions- Try simple chic medium straight back braids than can be secured in a classy bun. Textured weaves are another way to grow out you relaxer. Be sure to cleanse and moisturize the scalp regularly for either method. Indigofera Hydrating Hair Mist for hydrate and replenish the scalp and hair.

Box Braids Gorgeous Transtioning Style
Salon Red Haute
Philadelphia, PA


Flat Twist


Sophisticate Twists™- Many of my clients came to me wanting to transition gradually without cutting all the relaxer hair off at once. As their stylist, I supported whatever decision they were comfortable with and that was realistic and healthy. Don’t allow anyone to pressure or into any hair style, you have to wear it confidently. Sophisticate Twists( NourishedTwo Strand Twists Set on Rods)  minimize combing and the breakage as is often expected while transitioning. Hair should be cleansed, deep conditioned, nourished, two strand twisted and set on rods. Indigofera's Nourishing Organic Hair Souffle or Nourishing Hair Milk moisturize, nourish and replenish the hair leaving it softer with visible health and shine. Next, the twist should be set on small rods and dried. Finish the dried style by removing the rods. For the first week were the curls, as they fall, release the twist for a fuller look, into the second week pin up the back or were a headband. Nourish and Hydrate as needed with Indigofera Nourishing Products and Hydrating Hair Mist™ Every time you perform the style, trim off one quarter- one half inch of relaxed hair, and deep condition. In a few months you will have a healthy head of natural hair. This is my favorite technique for gradual transitioning it really works and it give you a chance to grow into your new look. Sophisticate Twists™

                                                    Watch this video of my natural hair model Zan wearing Indigofera Sophisticate Twist with Side Swept Cornrows. I love this style. We are having fun on the "runway."  

Hairlocking- Locks are beautiful, versatile and may be the source of your inspiration to “go natural.” Keep in mind experienced locktians or trained natural hair stylists can lock any texture of hair with various specialized techniques. Many myths and misinformation about hairlocking, still exist. Here are 7 questions you need to ask before starting locs.

Things to keep in mind while transitioning from relaxed hair

The transition from relaxed hair to natural hair can be an exciting experience but one has to keep in mind the following factors for ease in transition. This is especially important if they want to maintain the hair length:

  • Minimize Manipulation of your hair while transitioning
  • Avoid Heat Styling Blow Drying and Flat Irons
  • Try not to compare yourself with others or obsess over your hair
  • Commit to Real Plant Based Hair Care for nourished healthy hair
  • Stimulate your scalp with essential oils and massage to improve circulationis
  • Daily Nourishment ( Plant Based Moisture) is essential to grow natural hair
  • Indigofera Nourishing Hair Milk is perfect sheer moisture lotion for softness and shine
  • Indigofera Organic Hair Souffle is perfect whipped cream for softness and shine
  • If you are not confident enough to transition on your own, find a stylist that is right for you
  • Get regular trims as your hair grows out
  • Create styles that work with your natural curl pattern not against it
  • If your ends are relaxed wear styles to keep them curled, braided or protected
  • Work on your health and nutrion at the same time you will feel better overall
  • Natural Hair loves water, Indigofera Hydrating Hair Mist infused with sage,rosemary, lavender and peppermint essential oil, pure plant based perfection
  • Remember the reason you decided to transition and the benefits of natural hair if you get discouraged
  • Watch youtube videos for natural style inspiration
  • Reach out for help with you need support and stuggle with dry hair, dry scalp or breakage

To minimize breakage sleep with a satin pillow case (I like Neero & Ana) or silk cap at night time so as to maintain moisture and prevent friction on the pillow.

Replenish the hair with plant based conditioners and moisturizers, wear styles that do not require frequent combing while the hair is still in two different states natural (new growth) and relaxed ( straight ends)

Indigofera offers the best natural and organic products for going natural, transitioning and locs. If you have been searching black hair forums for advice on how to style natural black hair you have the right website. offers natural hair remedies, natural hair growth vitamins, and advice on African American hair care.
 Black women who desire healthier hair choose Indigofera. We are sought after for the generous amounts of coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, herbal infusions of sage and rosemary, and lemongrass essential oil.


Be Radiantly Beautiful,

Indigofera Beauty Expert


  1. my hair is very there any suggestions on what I can do with my hair??? I keep getting sew-ins and braids but I really want to wear my own hair

  2. Hi Michele,

    Thank you for your question. Here is a blog post to give you some tips on how to care for your hair with a thin texture.

    Quite often sew-ins and braids can create to much tension for thin hair. If you want more volume or a different look while you are nourishing your own hair. Try a well fitting wig, and remember your wig cap to protect your own hair.

    Listen to this audio, it has tons of info presented by myself and Indigofera Beauty Specialist, Ranada Edwards.

    You are always welcome to reserve your time with me for a complimentary Indigofera Hair Care Consultation. clientcare (at)

    Be Radiantly Beautiful,


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